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The Bright Future of E-Commerce

Twenty-five years ago, purchasing items over the internet became a reality. Today, not only is the industry going from strength to strength, it may become the only industry still standing after this era of lockdowns.

It’s safe to say that e-commerce has revolutionized the way customers interact with companies. The industry has even served as a lifeline for many businesses. For those that know how it works there are virtually no barriers to what they want to do, and the numbers are proving that.

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Nothing Can Stop The E-Commerce Train

Even before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping was the most popular activity on the internet. According to expert projections , the online shopping industry was worth $1.3 trillion in 2014, and rocketed up to $4.3 trillion in 2021.

The upside on investing in this industry is so great in fact, that businesses are actually developing several platforms for their operations. We recently collaborated with an internet solutions company to assist in developing their Shopify projects.

The project lasted for approximately ten months and once we were done, our partner graced us with a nice review on the online ratings platform Clutch.

But the more impressive thing about e-commerce is how indispensable it’s become in recent times, and will continue to do so moving forward.

Moving Past COVID-19

While the development of the e-commerce industry has always had an upward trajectory, the COVID-19 has accelerated its growth to the point where it has become essential. Businesses can no longer hope to seriously compete within any field without first having an online presence.

While the first people that were able to cash in on the industry, e-commerce developers like ourselves give even small businesses the opportunity to stand with the big boys. This is because all considerations such as space and advertising that require large investments in the real world are essentially non-factors.

This is what we did with another one of partners who needed to set-up an online store for their small business. This was a much shorter project, only lasting a couple of months, but it was still enough for them to write a review for us on Clutch as well.

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These reviews are a great way for companies to find businesses on The Manifest, which is a business data aggregator that creates ranked lists of the top performers in every industry. We work on every project with five-star effort and want to work with as many people as possible.

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