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Let customers cancel orders on Shopify.

Let customers cancel orders on Shopify


Sometimes your customer may change their mind after placing the order or realize that they have ordered a different product than they would like to purchase. In Shopify, there is no built-in feature that allows customers to directly cancel their order. So they need to contact customer support to request an order cancellation, and it may take time to cancel an order. On the other hand, as a merchant, you need to handle those cancellation requests and cancel each order manually, which may take more time and effort if you have heavy traffic in your store.

Introducing Codify - Order Cancel, the Shopify app that makes the order cancellation process easy by allowing your customers to cancel their orders themselves without contacting customer support. So as a merchant, you don't need to handle those cancellation requests, which saves you time and effort, and you can focus on other aspects of business.

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User Interface

The app provides Order Cancel Widget for the order status page. The Order Cancel Widget contains a Cancel button to cancel an order and a Reorder button to reorder the same items.

Cancel an order from the order status page

The app automatically places Cancel and Reorder buttons on the Customer Account and Order Details page, so the registered user can easily cancel their order and reorder the same items from their account.

If you have enabled New customer accounts in your store settings and have a Shopify Plus store, you can add Order Cancel Widget from the checkout editor.

Manage Refund

The app provides the option to refund automatically when the customer cancels a paid order. Additionally, you can choose whether to refund the shipping charge or not. This ensures an efficient refund process, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Manage the refund for the cancelled order

Adding Cancellation Reasons Options

You can allow your customer to select cancellation reasons by providing various options when they cancel an order, so you know the cancellation reasons and can take action or make the required modifications accordingly.

Adding cancellation reasons options

Setting a Time Limit to Cancel the Order

You may need to restrict your customer's ability to cancel an order after a certain deadline so that orders can only be cancelled before being shipped by courier. The app provides the option to set a time limit for this purpose.

Setting a time limit to cancel the order

Limit Order Cancellations Below a Certain Total Amount

You can limit order cancellations below a specified total amount to prevent excessive market disruptions or manipulative trading practices. The app provides the option to set a threshold so that customers are not allowed to cancel an order if the total amount is greater than the specified amount.

Limit order cancellations below a certain total amount

Text Customization

The app provides options to change text, like headings, button text, error text, etc., to match your store's language, enabling you to provide user-friendly translations for your customers.

Text Customization

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Find the app on the Shopify App Store

Easy to setup and very useful app as shopify don't have direct order cancel feature so this app is very helpful for me, thank you


This app has performed well for our store, and provides excellent customer service. I've always received a timely and useful response when I've emailed him.

Paghdal Brothers

I was trying to do any solution for order cancel from user side but this app did completed my finding, thank you



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