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Let customers edit orders in Shopify.

Let customers edit orders in Shopify


As a business owner, providing a hassle-free shopping experience to your customers is one of your top priorities. Customers might want to edit order items or a shipping address after the order is placed, but they are not able to do it without contacting customer support. This might be inconvenient for customers. As a merchant, you need to find that order and update it manually. If you have heavy traffic in your store, you may receive many order edit requests, which will take more time and effort to manage. Thus, you may lose focus on other aspects of your business.

Introducing Codify - Order Edit, the Shopify app for seamless order editing. With this app, you can allow your customers to edit order details like order items and a shipping address themselves without contacting customer support. Therefore, you no longer need to manage order edit requests, which saves you time and effort.

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User Interface

Editing Shipping Address

Let customers edit the shipping address in Shopify

Editing Order Items

Let customers edit order items in Shopify

You can display the above interface on the below pages.

1. Order Status Page

The order status page can be accessed via the link provided in the order confirmation email when the customer places an order.

Edit order from the order status page

2. Customer Order Details Page

The customer order details page can be accessed by registered customers by logging into their account.

Edit order from the customer account page

3. New Order Status Page

If you have enabled New customer accounts in your settings and have a Shopify Plus store, you can add Order Update widget from the theme editor to the order status page.

Add an extension to edit order from the new customer account page

Setting Timeframes for Customer Order Edits

You may need to restrict your customer's ability to edit orders after a certain time period so that orders can only be edited before being shipped by courier. The app provides an Update timeframe option to manage the timeframe to edit orders. For example, you can set a timeframe of two hours so that customers are not allowed to edit their orders after two hours of purchase.

Set a time period to edit the order

Prevents Edits for Certain Orders

Sometimes you may need to restrict edits for a specific order that contains customized items or time-sensitive items. The app provides an Eligibility option to restrict specific orders from editing. For example, if you don't want to allow customers to edit orders that contain items personalized with custom text, graphics, or images chosen by the customer, you need to follow the below steps:

  • Enable restrictions.
  • Add the coe:exclude tag to the product, which can be personalized by the customer.
  • Choose the Not allow to update option.
  • Choose the orders containing products tagged with coe:exclude option.
Restrict customers to edit specific orders

Customize Shipping Address Fields

The app provides controls for which fields of the shipping address are editable and which fields are required, so you can manage these fields according to your checkout settings.

Customize shipping address fields

Automated Refunds for Reduced Prices

In some instances, a customer may update their order items, and the total price of the order has been reduced. In such cases, you may need to automatically refund the remaining amount if the order is paid or get notified by email. The app provides a Reduced price control option, allowing you to auto-refund to the customer for a paid order and receive email notification when the updated order total price is reduced.

Manage a refund for the updated order

Text Customization

The app provides options to change text, like headings, button text, field labels, etc., to match your store's language, enabling you to provide user-friendly translations for your customers.

Text Customization

Try Codify ‑ Order Edit with 14-day free trial.

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Find the app on the Shopify App Store

I found well order edit app, they have best solution for edit order from custom side as this is not available by shopify.


Amazing app, now i can allow user to edit their order and shipping address.


Great app for allowing users to change their order after order placed, They have very great support.



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